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[22 Jan 2018|09:33pm]


Hello folks. For those of you who weren't around the last time we were here, this is Oliver Lubina -- better known as Oliver Queen, Green Arrow I. It's been nearly a year since I was last at ~lineart, so a few things have been changed/added to his biography (feel free to check it out). But for those who aren't keen on reading, here's the important stuff:
• Originally from Seattle, WA and sole heir to a bio/cybertech company (Lubtech, aka Lubina Technologies Incorporated)
• Spent most of his early adulthood overseas, in his family's ancestral homeland (Croatia), helping to rebuild after the Croatian war/genocide in the 90s
• Became an embedded journalist in Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa for about twelve years, until returning to the United States in 2013-ish
• Moved to Boston to further his education, and escape responsibilities to the family business
• Got married/divorced in 2014. Don't ask him about it, unless he's very drunk.
• Eventually earned his PhD in creative writing in January 2017, just as his first book -- a collection of his essays about his time in Afghanistan and Iraq.
• Due to the stress of having his CV veil lifted, and a few significant things going on in his AU life, Oliver decided to leave Boston for an embedded position in Syria in February 2017.
• January 2018 saw Oliver's return to the states, but he has no recollection of his CV existence, or the significance/cause of some of the memories he has from the Summer/Autumn 2016.
I already have his ex-wife ([info]screaming), his pseudo-kid ([info]kyujutsu), and an awkward broship ([info]terminate), and a baby-mama ([info]spidering) though, he doesn't know it yet. I'd like to make contact with the Aquaman, Superman and Batman writers, for some awkward fun CV times.

Otherwise, I'm open to all sorts of things CV and AU both. If we can't come up with something right now, I'm sure we can formulate something in-game. I'm looking forward to playing with you all again x

narrative; backstory [22 Jan 2018|12:23pm]

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narrative; january 2018 cv week [21 Jan 2018|08:56pm]

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[17 Jan 2018|08:50pm]

 you have your bamboo bones . )

[11 Jan 2018|11:24pm]


hello! now that i think i know who she is, meet elena keres, also known as death (dc)! she's a 27 year old semi native to boston. she was born in new orleans, but her mom moved her and her brother to boston when she was 8 after divorcing their father. something elena still kind of resents. she spent all her summers in new orleans and then ran off back down there for college, only moving back to boston at the very end of 2014, when she got a job with boston pd in their forensics lab. she went to loyola university new orleans, majored in forensic science and worked at a funeral home from age 15-24. she worked part-time at a tiny lab in a parrish near her home, but moving to boston was her first big time lab experience. personality wise she is extremely friendly and upbeat, and even though she has had a fascination with death since she could walk and talk, she is happy and pretty well adjusted. though she can make some really dark comments and jokes, mostly about work. her favorite book is dante's inferno and her cat is named lucifer, which she thinks is damn adorable and calls the furball lucy for short.

as for lines, there are a couple of you i'm working them out with. [info]bolting is a friend from the last two years in boston. [info]zooming is something fun because we've decided that much. basically she needs all the things, people she's known forever, people from back in nola, friends, neighbors, someone to tell me how to fix the hoover color over the ooc info in her bio because i can't find it thanks [info]arcum! all the things!

[11 Jan 2018|11:17am]


OH HELLO. didn't see you there. some of you may remember her from last year. i changed her up a bit and not just the face. this is naomi thorne, better known as domino. based off of her cv, you can consider her pretty lucky. from breaking out of a verbally abusive marriage to winning the lotto. and oh! what's that? she's also one of the creators of Boston's local dating app [info]superswipe? yeah, i went there with it. more on that soon! she's 34, born and raised in brooklyn, got married out of high school to her first boyfriend and joined the military sometime during that time and did a couple of tours. she was part of brooklyn pd but ended up getting shot for a couple years, that's when her ex started being a dick and she decided to leave the toxicity behind.

once in boston, things started to turn around to her. she had a job as a bouncer, she met some people, got a new job, changed her life, and she won the lottery, which made the news because that's what happens when you win more than a certain amount and there's no way around keeping it a secret. she wasn't happy about it. she hates the idea of money and how it can change people and she has been stingy with it. lately it's been different. she's been more lenient about it,especially when she started making more money working as an escort. sometime last year she decided to make some changes where she quit her job, made an attempt to go back to school, and created a "dating" app known as [info]superswipe. there needed a face behind it and that's going to be naomi. this is more intended to get the community flowing better and not have a npc create it. it's a new experience for her. she's still learning. anyways, she's not the same naomi as i intended her to be. while she's still has a love for dark, creepy things, horror and bruce campbell, she'll be more social even though she hates people. you can read more here.

as for lines, i hope i can still reconnect with some old ones as well as make new ones. so far, all i have is [info]quasisonic as a co-creator of [info]superswipe who does all fancy coding that naomi does not know anything about. also, they met on tinder. she's tight friends with [info]tsume, , she has a neighbor in both [info]birdseye and [info]fighting, along with the long list of other people in their apartment complex, she has traveling buddies in [info]magnetron and [info]mimicked, and other miscellaneous lines i can't remember. she could use anything. an ex she never took seriously, a couple hookups, clients past and present (doesn't have to be sexual), more members of [info]superswipe team (either ooc to help me or ic in case your character needs a job), other folks she met through the app and others as well.

and changes are coming for [info]superswipe as i have ideas to make it easier on you and better for your character. this includes events, which i plan on doing this time since there's now a face behind the app. don't be worried if i delete everything and make you reapply there. there's a reseasoning to my madness. it'll make sense in no time. how many more times can i mention [info]superswipe?

narrative; january 10, 2018 [10 Jan 2018|09:04pm]

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[10 Jan 2018|04:59pm]


hello again! i just can't quit you, [info]lineart and i missed this one something fierce. say hello to the new and improved charli moon, also known as silk! she's a 24 year old new york native, a first generation korean-american girl raised to very strict and controlling parents who watched their child's every move. she was homeschooled up until college, her family moved to boston sometime when she was finishing "high school" studies (sometime around eight years ago i believe) and became a little less controlling of charli's life. she started to attend bu studying chemistry to please her parents, she currently works as a late night radio dj most nights and generally is just trying to figure out how to be a real adult now. personality wise she can come off a bit awkward and unaware of social cues, so she's kind of slow with things like that but otherwise she's very intelligent, friendly & loves to have a good time. art, music & dance are her favorite ways to express herself so she tries to do those things as often as possible.

as for lines so far she has a friend in [info]kyujutsu, helps babysit for/is a new friend of [info]spidering and i believe she knows [info]stinger as well from college parties! i would love to form lines of some sort with new york natives or some fresh faces she could have met upon first moving to boston as a teen, friends who understand her situation and past better than others, regular callers during her radio show (i think i said before she's on from 10pm-2am), someone she keeps bumping into while running errands, neighbors, fellow students she might know from bu, short lived exes, flings, whatever else honestly. i'm always happy to brainstorm something up as well!

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