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[18 Apr 2018|06:04pm]


hey uhhh hey everyone! so i'm unreasonably nervous making this post but hi! it's me, the nerd who brought you [info]zooming, here to do a cv change! so i'll be swapping out bart allen for groot, who actually fits bast surprisingly well.

and this is bastien, the same friendly loser you know and love(?), i promise, just with some tweaks. namely, he was born in france and moved to boston when he was 8, which was a little difficult for the kid who didn't speak english. he lived in boston until he was 15—because his father being a criminal is still a thing—and then moved to louisiana with his mom and brother. got his degree there, after, y'know, the usual teenage problems like low level delinquency and a toxic relationship. in his heart, he wanted to study botany or ecology, but followed a forensics track for reasons that amounted to "see! i'm nothing like you, mom and dad!!!" so he ended up back here with a job at the state crime lab and has been here for almost 3 years.

so! there's loads of potential for everything here. he still loves to feed everyone, always wants to help, is not exactly sunshine but always a friendly face regardless, and will absolutely wrangle you into spending time with him.

i haven't reached out to everyone re: this change, but i adore all of you and would like to request both new and old lines pls! (especially since i have a mind like a sieve, so if there's anything i've let slip through the cracks, just come yell at me! (gently please)) cv connections, friends, coworkers, people who knew him in louisiana, people he knew before louisiana, people he likes to cook for, people who kinda can't stand him and let him know it, just everyone, basically.

[17 Apr 2018|07:55pm]


hi friends! it is almost dinnertime but i wanted to get this guy some connections before i apply! this is chris pryor, known to the cv world as nathan summers / cable. he is a native of boston, but was shipped out overseas in the marines straight out of high school and didn't come back until this year. he's overall a nice guy, way more zen than he used to be not too long ago thanks to the discovery of meditation and yoga. he's the strong, quiet type, which some people tend to misconstrue as calmness -- he's mostly a calm guy but occasionally slips up with a fiery temper if you get him really riled up about something. still has a lot of demons to work out, but while volunteering with the wounded warrior project and meditating every day, he keeps himself in check and has overall found a pretty good balance in his life.

oh and also he's the ex-fiance of [info]bang; super bffl/broseph with [info]pool; served in the marines with a whole gaggle of people including [info]xiphos, [info]komori, [info]brutal, [info]tactitian, and probably others i'm forgetting / unaware of; teaches yoga and meditation at [info]terminate's yoga studio; is friendly with [info]squirrely; and teaches yoga/meditation to [info]modifying and [info]tantutotem. (gasps for air) hopefully i'm not missing anyone. hit me up! this guy might be a little surly at times, but i don't bite. i promise :)

[17 Apr 2018|04:29pm]


hey there party people! i wanted to get this up real quick before i probably disappear for the evening and was hoping for lines before i officially apply him. this is matt cole aka none other than booster gold. he is a boston native who was the kicker for the new england patriots for a long time until he retired in 2015. now he's a twitch streamer and he works with a lot of cancer charities around the boston area. he has a twin sister named meghan who he's really close to. his mother is a retired elementary school teacher and his father is a lowlife deadbeat who he hasn't seen since he was five although he has tried to contact matt since he started his nfl career. he went to notre dame for college and played football before going pro. he's kind of an asshole tbh and he definitely thinks he's more famous than he is (the blue verified check mark on twitter and instagram will do that to you.) he does have a heart of gold somewhere deep down through all that ego and he works with a lot of cancer charities since his mom is a breast cancer survivor. basically he likes being the center of attention any time it's possible. you can read the longer version of this here

lines are what i need now. [info]bugs is his childhood best friend, [info]tantutotem is a friend through thom pending what they come up with, [info]modifying is an ex fling turned friend, and he saved [info]strategy's life once. i could use family (cousins, half siblings he didn't know existed), friends, exes, flings, a lady for a specific line we could brainstorm, people who watch his streams, people who think he's too full of himself (spoiler: he is). if you need something filled let me know and i'll try and work it out with you.

[16 Apr 2018|08:30pm]


oh hi there! some of you might recognize this beauty since i've definitely had her here before. now, she's back with a few tweaks and such. this is barbara morrison aka bobbi and mockingbird in the cv. the biggest things you need to know about her is that she's an entirely overqualified high school biology teacher (at bu academy), 34 years old, extremely sociable, and sort of a huge nerd though you wouldn't know just by looking at her. if you're looking for the detailed version you can casually wander over here for some easy reading.

here comes the fun part! she was adopted when she was a baby, followed by her brother [info]personalities though he was older when he came to live with them. bobbi is extremely overprotective of him, even if she tries to hold it back more often than not. aside from some shared interests, they are generally quite the opposite of one another. [info]bugs is basically her best friend ever. he's sort of the super secret real reason her marriage started falling apart some five-ish years ago, but that's something she refuses to own up to. speaking of an ex-husband, that role is still very open, if anyone is brave enough to play those cards. she's got a co-worker in [info]vibrational and i'd love to drum her up some more goodness. comment here for all the love!

[15 Apr 2018|05:09pm]


hi kids, do you like violence justice? wanna see me toss a big shield with my metallic armed friend, barnes?... no? ok anyway meet sam rogers/steve rogers. he's a bpd detective/private security consultant on the side. he's 33 years old from brooklyn, ny. he is the only son of a boxer and a school teacher. his father was killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and it really heart broke the family, but they did what they had to. when he finally turned 18 he joined the army and quickly became a ranger because he was pretty good at everything they were telling him to do. everything was great until his unit took an attack and sam ended up in a coma for two months. when he finally came to the army decided they couldn't use him anymore and he was discharged. sam struggled to adjust at first, but after moving to boston with him momma in tow he settled down and started working for BPD.

sam's a detective in the narcotics unit now and he's currently living at home with his mom (he's between places ok, don't judge him). he's a pretty over the top kind of guy and a momma's boy. he has a small obsession with memes and his dog, a yellow lab by the name of captain. he loves to laugh and he'll laugh at just about anything, even the inappropriate stuff because he just kinda lacks the best filter at this point in his life.

anyway lines, he's in brolove with [info]soviets and [info]birdseye. friends with [info]tactician, [info]bang, [info]arcum, [info]squirrely, and [info]racer. he's exes with [info]modifying and [info]violetlight. soon to be roommates with [info]xiphos. he could use another ex from when he first moved to the city who had to deal with momma's boy sam that invited his mother to every date they had. he could also use a few more good friends, other bpd co-workers, people he's met at the dog park, boxing gym goers, people he's consulted for. all of it and more!

hi everybody! i missed her yearversary, so i'll do this while everyone is asleep 😂 [13 Apr 2018|02:33am]


this is whitney watson, your friendly neighborhood (lady) deadpool. she's 34, going on 12, and has no idea what the fuck she's doing with her life anymore. i’ll save you the long spiel (which you can find here!) and sum her up as a canadian expat who moved to the states for college, wound up in usaf special ops, only to be medically discharged almost a decade later, then moved to boston in december of 2015 to try and put her life back together... since then, she's been through a whole lot. worked some shitty jobs she's overqualified for, gotten fired from most of them for various reasons, sold weed for a while, found out she's deadpool, fallen in love, gotten married, then divorced, tried internet dating (and is mostly failing at it), tried to get her life in order (again), finally finished her master's degree... nowadays, she's... still trying to figure shit out. she doesn't really work, save for some odd jobs (everything from babysitting to lowkey merc work) here and there when she really needs money,

she’s a little bit of a mess, always struggling with her own depression and post traumatic stress, but because she’s super healthy and doesn’t like talking about it/admitting/asking for help, she holds her feelings close to the vest. she is always the type to put a smile on her face and her big girl pants on, often putting the people she cares about before herself. basically the poster child for ambiverts, she prefers her alone time, a group of close friends, or hiding behind her computer screen as a means of socializing, but she’s generally pretty chipper, upbeat, and good for a laugh or a shoulder to lean on when someone might need it. a fan of all things nerdy, she’s always up for a game night, or to tag along to a convention. she’s also enjoys hiking, spur of the moment trips, cross stitch, cute baby animals, shitty punk rock, and making jokes about worshipping satan... among other things. basically, she’s a mix bag.

as for lines, [info]pool is her cousin, [info]harlequins is her platonic life partner, [info]squirrely is her surrogate little sister, and [info]novastar is a close friend and confidant, who’s become as close as family over the past several months. she's gotten pretty close to [info]birdseye lately, and is online gaming friends with/took [info]bugs on one real awkward date once. she knows [info]tactician and [info]tsume from her time in the military, and is friendly with [info]languages, [info]caped, [info]tumbling and [info]absorb. and i am positive there are others i'm forgetting, but it's like 2:30 in the morning and i'm half dead... (like [info]vibrational and [info]icebergs, whoops. ♥) she could use just about everything! friends, neighbors, people she's worked odd jobs for, people who've survived her dating mishaps, gym/yoga/travel buddies, or if you just want a custom, we can do that, too!

[12 Apr 2018|09:14pm]


as i continue the quest and the vacillation on pb choices, i figured i'd toss this lovely man at you all. this is treven delgado aka tim drake/red robin. he's a 30 year old (sorry to anyone who plotted while he was 27) more or less boston native. he was born in new york but only lived there 18 months, when his parents died and he moved in with his aunt and uncle in boston. he has lived in boston since, attending mit and sticking around after college. he has goals to travel but no big goals to like move somewhere else. this is home.

so, he's a really nice delinquent. he grew up smarter than everyone else which led to a lot of boredom, and boredom bred creativity with the computers and phones he was handed. he figured out how to hack different sites but wasn't smart enough to cover his tracks and ended up arrested more than once, suspended from school and eventually on probation until his 18th birthday. which actually encouraged mit and caltech to take him, they thought he was just who they wanted around brain wise. he made a 'living' in college by changing grades for a pretty hefty price, which led him to going freelance as an adult. he is currently a freelance 'computer security expert' he likes to laugh at the idea that he does computer security.

his cousin via his uncle is [info]strategy. [info]steelcuffs grew up near him, and when she came back with her niece, his parents are her neighbors and help her with the kiddo. he knows [info]novastar through his cousin. and he and [info]xiphos will have something simply for her willingness to listen to be whine about my pb struggles.

everything else he needs. all the batfam to be something, more lines, more friends, people who he has known forever. people who he just met. an ex or three, because he often gets into his head and sort of forgets the person exists. let's make fun things happen!

screened~ [12 Apr 2018|03:29pm]


ayo lineart, this is me getting my shit together between classes. i'm throwing maddy out for stuff, both from last cv week if i missed it and the upcoming one. she's on full goblin force powers, newly married, and possesses 0 fucks. so if you want her to have a run in or two while she trollstoys with people this cv week, step on up. esp if anyone might be in need of a getaway driver...

[11 Apr 2018|10:43pm]


hey lineart, please bear with me! i've switched from namor the submariner to drax the destroyer after the flood of guardians! i just want to re-introduce him and see if you all would like to keep the lines we've discussed or even flesh out some new ones!

his name is mak, he's half hawaiian, half dutch, born in hawaii and lived there until he was 4, moved to boston and lived there until he graduated high school, moved back to hawaii for college, met and married the love of his life, she and his son died in childbirth and he moved back to boston to escape the pain after he graduated from college. after that i'm trying to decide what to do with him.

his half-sister is [info]roving, his cousin on his mother's side is [info]watersheds, he was neighbors with [info]hellenic when he moved back to boston and they're friends to this day, he has a buddy in [info]aquatrident, he's childhood friends with [info]rains, and exes with [info]unseeable if those are still kosher, if not just let me know!

he could use so much more! current neighbors/roomate(s), a best friend (or more than one), drinking/poker/outdoor/rockclimbing/workout buddies, flings, more family and plenty of friends. he's kind of serious but also has a soft underbelly, especially when it comes to kids, i am also trying to think of what to give him as far as a job so if you need employees/co-workers or a business partner, hmu.

[11 Apr 2018|09:35pm]


Helloooo, beautiful people. So after a year and a half roaming around these parts as Batgirl, I decided to take the plunge and change her CV. So I bring you Beatrix 2.0 in the form of Angela in the CV. She's still a bit feisty and stubborn and all that good emosh shit, but some of her background's changed a lil. She grew up in NY with her adopted family (unbeknownst to her). Dad was a firefighter that died on 9/11 and her mom kinda lost her mind, so Beatrix was shipped off back to Boston where she'd spent a lot of time still over the summers with her uncle, aunt and cousin. She was itching to get outta there though, so once she hit 18, she enlisted in the Marines and spent 4 years in the service from 2002 to 2006. She was going to re-enlist but found out her mom was sick so she came back to Boston to take care of her. She lost her mom in 2010 and feeling a bit out of sorts, decided to open up not a dance studio but an MMA studio called Valhalla in downtown Boston. She's had the place now for 6 years and it's her pride and joy. If you wanna know more, her revamped bio is here!

As far as lines go, she's still (fortunately & unfortunately) joined at the hip with [info]groove & is the godmama to his daughter with [info]catling, has longtime friends in [info]caped & [info]tricksy and hopefully most of her other peeps still wanna keep our lines OR switch 'em up. So basically she needs just about everything. Neighbors because she's in the middle of moving and needs a new neighborhood, old friends, new friends, people that worked at her studio or work there now, a couple of exes, including one female ex from back in the day that ended in a kinda complicated fashion, flings & thangs, et cetera et cetera. She's here, she's weird & nerdy and she is gon' fuck shit UP come CV time, you know, in a mostly good Asgardian way. Love her, or at the very least, pat her on the head and feed her ice cream, please and thanks!

[info]lineart [11 Apr 2018|05:38pm]


[11 Apr 2018|05:07pm]


treven degaulle


[11 Apr 2018|07:41pm]


👋🏻hello friends and family, let me introduce you to shania nguyen aka karma aka the second best shania because canadian superstar shania twain is queen. my own awkwardness aside, shania's a 28 year old school teacher at the winsor school, a prestigious private academy in boston. she's been teaching for a few years now and both loves and hates her job, shout out to the other teachers in game. shan's very no-nonsense, what you see is what you get, and the victim of a severe resting bitch face. don't let it fool you, though, she has a huge heart, is super caring of those she considers friends and family and will literally give you any organ you need if she can spare it. on that note, don't fuck with her family though or she'll cut you. shan might come across as Very Serious and she...pretty much IS but she has moments where she lets her hair down, raps verses from the acclaimed album diamond princess by underrated hip hop royalty trina. get into it.

connections wise, she's got her boo thang [info]catling, they live and co-parent together (along with [info]groove) so acquaintances and friends through them would be great! other than that, i know she's in the grown woman club with [info]rains and i'd love to get in touch with all her new mutants, too!

[11 Apr 2018|06:55pm]


hey guys!
next up on the new cv train is this guy—he’s being rewritten from tim drake to rocket raccoon, which probably makes sense given that tim was always a little angrier than he probably should have been. …oops.

changes in his career and life choices are subtle—his bffl is eskrima ~groove, and his literal soulmate is still ~zooming, but he has more of an engineering background and a little less focus purely on computer science. he still spent some time in the bpd but he wound up in the private sector, working as a private investigator/bounty hunter. what he lacks in strength he more than makes up for in tenacity, tactical skill, and sharp teeth. –mostly the first two.

at his heart he still believes very strongly in found family as opposed to the genetic kind—he’s just way less likely to get all sappy about it. looking for connections from all his new marvel buds, though I thoroughly warn you that if you try to pet him he will probably bite you.

[11 Apr 2018|07:11am]


cue more nervous and sweaty hand-wringing! hello ~lineart, i bring you shadowcat / kitty pryde as [info]soviets' little sister; keilah buchanan.

she is a medical prosthetist, full time mom to charlie and fiancee to the lovely [info]subjugates. i'm not properly awake so i don't have it in me to be as witty as [info]groove, but her biography can be found here. i'd like to beseech you all for lines now, especially from those who might have already commented me in pbads when notifs weren't working!

keilah is very easy-going but she can be kind of nosy, sensitive (mostly about her weight and appearance) and nostalgic, sometimes viewing the world through rose tinted glasses. she is incredibly loving which she shows by buying people unnecessary knick-knack gifts just because she was "thinking of you". she's mostly quiet, but VERY snappy when she hasn't eaten or feels her space is being encroached upon and when it comes to disputes, she will lock herself away in her room to cry and then return and carry on like nothing has happened. she loves high fantasy and science fiction in all its forms, cosplay, new and old technology of all sorts (provided her writer can easily research them 👀) and will happily help you (or your grandparents) set up your internet and phone if you can pay her in fried chicken.

she could use all type of connections through rian, her brother jacob, his close friend [info]vibrational, her maternal cousin [info]cellphone, her childhood friend [info]watersheds, and her current squeeze/fiancee, [info]subjugates. and [info]demonish, we definitely need something! i'm sorry this is so short and sweet, but i'm open to working out all kinds of things!

[09 Apr 2018|02:04pm]


alright, now that i'm about ready to apply... three cheers for captain america? the lowdown:

grant stevens is a 36 year old personal trainer (with a smidgen of experience as a physical therapist), from brooklyn, but he's been in boston for at least 15 years, give or take. he had a lot of setbacks as a kid, including childhood leukemia and growing up super poor as a result of overwhelming medical bills/debt, was physically behind most kids his age and it took him some time to catch up. it didn't really happen until high school and his parents allowed him to participate in sports more and alongside a late growth spurt, he finally "caught up" and went off to school to actually study in the area in order to help other people. he's a gym rat who's probably made a name for himself and tries to make his services as affordable as possible while still being able to maintain his own lifestyle.

overall, though, he's a person who tries to be optimistic and see the best in people/situations, is incredibly hard headed and stubborn about his opinions and beliefs, and always, in true cap fashion, is a neutral good as he will always strive to do the right thing (or what he feels is right) regardless it being lawful or not. follows his heart, looks out for the little guy, and he can be a little too stubborn for his own good at times and get caught up in his feelings when things don't go his way and his worldview is shaken a little too much. his bro-y appearance can definitely be misleading; he's a big softie, a total dork, and only really a threat to those who deserve it, he's otherwise a genuinely good guy who's barley capable of doing anything to intentionally hurt anyone with malice.

he could use just about anything since i'm horrid at keeping track of ~pbads.

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