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[15 Oct 2018|12:53am]


Roll fucking call, people. WHO ELSE IS READY FOR A VACATION?

See something, say something. Hell at the Armory, the Ward reception. I’m drunk, all hell literally breaking loose. Demons and lunatics and I lost a shoe and my pride somewhere.

[13 Oct 2018|09:11pm]


oh heyyyy, anyone remember this guy? if you do, he's got a few major tweaks in his backstory, and if you don't... well, it's all new to you, anyway! sorry for the worst timing ever (it's my superpower, tbh) in bringing him in on a freaking CV week, btw. no hard feelings if he sorta slips through the cracks for a few days; we'll all be chin-deep in zombie plot by the end of the week (or tonight), i know.

this is hector delverde, known in the CV as green/white/rainbow~ lantern kyle rayner. he's a bay area native, 39 years old, worked in the boston police department for about a decade before transferred back to the west coast and working for the oakland PD in 2012 after his adoptive mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. she survived, and he transferred again, this time to the san francisco PD, where he completed his investigative training and made detective in 2014. in 2016, he was pulled into a joint SFPD/FBI undercover operation that only just recently wrapped. his family and friends believe he's been doing missionary work overseas in india this whole time; he's actually been [redacted...aka i haven't decided yet].

this week, assuming i can get my butt in gear and app him by adds tomorrow, he's coming home, where he'll be moving in with [info]dynamo and (i think!) [info]juggernaut, and having a very epic reunion with his cousin [info]flared (and other cousins, i know you're out there, hmu!). he'll...also be coming home to zombies and thangs, so...that'll be fun...

[10 Oct 2018|10:35pm]


okay, i'm writing this up before i have her info done because i'm hoping it helps me really get the ball rolling once i can finally sit at my laptop. this is zoey carter, the au alter ego of power girl. she's an adopted former socialite, grew up within the top 1% with parents who were both wealthy in their own right. once she grew out of her partying ways, she managed to get her shit together in order to acquire her mba from stanford (having attended school on the east coast for undergrad). she's just recently taken over as the ceo for a cosmetics company that her family founded and has been running for at least two generations before her. to be honest, most days she feels like she's really winging it, flying by the seat of her pants. zoey has a certain confidence that is unparalleled, even when under pressure. she has no real idea how she does it. she's goofy, clumsy, and owns all of it for what it is.

she's got some cousins floating around in [info]flared, [info]miniskirt, and [info]mavet. also, an on/off fwb mess going on with [info]juggernaut. i'm down for anything, really! would love to find a close friend who crashes at her place all the time, former flings/dates of either gender, bad dates, anyone she might have grown up with (she's 30), and whatever else amazing we can cook up!

[10 Oct 2018|03:22pm]


okay friends, while i put the finishing touches on him and try to find a journal layout i want to spend time working on, i think it's a good time to introduce eugene marvel, aka billy batson, aka shazam.

eugene was given the short straw pretty early on in life and had kind of a rough childhood, including parental death, adoption, shitty foster siblings & parents, and just an all around bad time. this shaped who he would eventually become, but first he had to hit a lot of bumps in the road and kiss a lot of frogs before he figured his shit out. he was a little lip gallagher-esque in the sense that he was really smart but did really dumb things to get by. he wasn't exactly the friendliest kid and grew up with a huge chip on his shoulder because of the cards he'd been dealt, and he kept that all through his adolescent years and into early adulthood until he sought out therapy. because he had kind of a bad attitude and couldn't find a way to emotionally connect with people due to a crippling fear of abandonment, he was stuck in the foster system until he was old enough to phase out of it and go off on his own. this, of course, absolutely helped nothing and he went on to fall in with a group of unsavory kids that taught him to steal and eventually start selling drugs.

now despite his choices, gene never actually did drugs and he stole them only to sell them as a way to make ends meet. this didn't last a super long time before he realized that if he kept going down the path he was on, he was going to ruin his life in one way or another. so instead of stealing drugs to sell them, he used this as an opportunity to help out different communities in need. he wanted to fight the man, so to speak, and fancied himself a bit of a modern day robin hood for a period of time. despite it still being a relatively dangerous path to balance, he felt as if he was paying it forward and doing some good in the world. a reporter caught wind of his efforts within the different communities and wrote a short article on eugene's effort and how he protected those who couldn't protect themselves and looked out for people that had nothing but gratitude to give him. although this would get him into a fair bit of trouble, he was granted a partial scholarship and was able to attend school and try to make something of himself.

that was so long ago and he's still kind of a lost soul, but he's an active big brother, a program manager for playstation, a very active tabletop gamer, videogamer and comic book reader and does what he can to be the type of person he was never able to have while growing up. he believes that putting good into the world will bring it back, and the simple act of paying it forward and that anyone can change with the right help, so on and so forth. although he had a huge chip on his shoulder growing up, he managed to come out of it with a relatively positive attitude and some pretty wild stories to tell to those who want to listen. the rest of his bio can be read here if you're so inclined to learn more!

now that that's out of the way, he could still use a lot of lines of any sort. if i recall correctly, he'll have connections through ~caper with [info]leadership and [info]magikal, a roomie in [info]dynamo, and a friend that goes back to his messyboi days in [info]apologal. he'll also have an on/off fwb type thing with [info]cosmics as well. he could use a lot more friends, people who he may have met doing big brother/big sister type things, people he's met at playstation meetups or community events (which i'll prob have more info on soon!) other nerdy minded folk who like d&d, comicbooks and staying up way too late to play videogames, and anything else really!

[10 Oct 2018|02:03pm]


hi! before i apply, which i hope will be before adds, i want to introduce you to this lady. her name is cressida but she is also crystal once a month. she's a 22 year old socialite who is unemployed at the moment but has a degree in international relations. more below!

cressida abbott was born in london, england to royalty (kind of). she is a very distant cousin of the royal family but has never met the queen. her father has been working in british government since cressida was a child and he was often gone for lengths at a time. cressida was not a planned child and has an older sister who is 14 years older than she is, which basically meant she grew up an only child. she was spoiled from the beginning and her father would dote on her and bring her gifts back anytime he would travel. she was known for her epic temper tantrums when she didn't get her way and could convince anyone to give her what she wanted with either her tears or with a smile. when she was fifteen her father was to move to work at the british embassy in san francisco and the family picked up and moved to the states. for the first time in her life cressida didn't fit in and she didn't know how to handle that and she became reclusive. by the time her senior year rolled around she had opened up more. at her father's urging and because she didn't know what to do she enrolled at stanford to study international relations. it was in college that she met [info]racer and the two were serious and then had an on/off again relationship. they broke up for good last year and she's still dealing with the aftermath of that. she graduated in may with her degree and is now taking time off to 'find herself'. she's still known for her temper, her aloofness, her very british way of avoiding her emotions, and for her ability to become the life of any party. she enjoys going out with friends, going to bars, sitting on the beach, shopping, drinking wine, painting, playing piano, true crime shows, learning about cults and the occult. she is fluent in french.

obviously she has an ex in [info]racer and it is not a great relationship and they are not on good terms at all. she's still really hurt by how things went down and how quickly he got back together with [info]spiderwebs. poor charlie is the brunt of a lot of cressida's eye daggers and side eye. i was also working out a line with [info]vestica but i'd love anything else you want.

[10 Oct 2018|07:37am]


what's good, garbage fires and trash pandas? i have jude jessop here, aka jessica jones, who some of you might recognize from aeons ago. she needs a few finishing touches, but she's pretty much ready for lines!

the skinny: she's 32, a heroin addict but has been sober a long time. has a boatload of rage issues. she tends bar and smokes too much. to relax, she catfishes dude(tte)s and sends their messages either to 1) the police if pretending to be a minor, or 2) their partners. sometimes she knits. she has secrets, she barely went to college: yeah, she's definitely jessica jones's alter ego. she also, surprising nobody, does not give a single flying fuck about superheroes. they're real? whatever. people getting concussions and recovering in two hours? lucky them. it doesn't make you better than us normies. it makes you luckier.

(wait until she figures it out, eh?)

line-wise, she needs everything. she was adopted and moved to the bay area when she was 12, so she equal parts needs new friends and people she went to high school with who she never, ever, EVER talks to/acknowledges their presence because jude will never talk about her addiction. or her prom baby. or, like, anything personal. but she needs a support system no matter how much she pretends she doesn't! so friends, enemies (people she flipped off? rear ended?), regulars at her shitty dive bar, whatever fun things we can cook up. maybe, like, a mom friend, to make sure she doesn't just fall over into a pool of beer and die? ...i joke. i definitely joke. but seriously, a mom friend for the love of god. flings she never calls back, maybe someone who she sends those 'u up' texts to and can half-stand hanging out with for some reason, maybe an ex or two of the serious variety that worked for about a month before jude broke it off.

oh, and a boxing coach. or maybe a running buddy? girl needs to work off her bitter rage. despite how acerbic she comes across, she's also very protective, and has definitely gone full adrian pimento to ward off sketchy dudes. so i'm not saying it would be hilarious if there was a case of mistaken identity and then jude had to awkwardly apologize the next day, but...

[07 Oct 2018|11:59pm]


This Kali Swarup, aka Solstice and I'm hoping to bring her in during next adds. She's a 33 year old oncologist who's been in the area for about four years. Prior to that she spent the bulk of her twenties in New York though she was raised in both the UK and India. Her parents were archaeologist so she did a bit a traveling and still does during her time off working with doctors without borders. Besides the heaviness of her profession she is generally very upbeat and positive. Tends to get a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to work and is terrible at returning texts but shows up when it counts. She could use of course any and everything. Neighbors ( a roommate even ), friends, fellow doctors with professional ties, friendly exes, and anything else we can work up!

[05 Oct 2018|10:13pm]


hi there! i'm hoping to bring this lady in with the next round of adds, so let's get some things rolling. this is cara davies, by the way. she's probably better known as carol danvers, or captain marvel. take your pick; i doubt she'd mind once she realizes who and what she is. just don’t mistake her rank.

cara is a 30 year old physics professor/phd student, and crossfit coach from savannah, georgia. yes, she routinely says things like 'y'all' and 'oh, bless you'. she's a capricorn, likes long walks on the beach, and will probably try to beat you on trivia night. all that said, she comes from a really cliche southern background. her mother was a lovely lady who treated her like a cream-puff, and her father had no idea how to handle a daughter. so he didn't. at all. it got ugly for a while, but cara's a solid person to have in your corner, and easily fits into the mama-bear-friend trope. she handles herself pretty well, but has a tendency to withdraw and soldier her way through when things get difficult. friends are key. family is key. star wars marathons are key.

she has a few connections already; a former college roomie in [info]neuraljump, a stylist in [info]modifying, a competitive friend in [info]drains, an ex in [info]webs, a teacher's pet in [info]racer, and a neighbor she's known 'forever' in [info]rains.. but i'd love to really round out her west coast world. ladyloves, people who take her classes at stanford, tinder dates that she's gotten too awkward to call back, a sober friend to keep her on the straight and narrow, at least one person who's met one of her family members, and someone to warm her up to cats would all be very welcomed.

[05 Oct 2018|05:52pm]


hi guys! happy friday! we made it! i've already had a glass of wine! yaaaaas. so anyway, look beyond my cry for help and look to this precious child. i bring you jennifer grey, some of you will know her better as jean grey. jennifer was raised by a single mom until she was around 6, when her mom succumbed to her own mental illness and committed suicide. this would have a profound impact on jen, beginning a fascination with death, the mind, and why we do what we do. she was eventually taken in by her aunt and uncle and raised by them in montana where she would meet and become life long friends with [info]craft. cue maniacal laughter. jen was an experimental child, hung with a bad crowd, acted out and was all around depressed, which you'd think would be normal for a girl who found her mother. i digress. her aunt and uncle sent her to a school for "difficult" children, where she really didn't get better, but learned to hide her symptoms better. she would go on to college to study psych and is currently a phd student in san fran. she can be a bit socially awkward sometimes because she's so focused on the intent~ and the why~ and the reasoning~. she still deeply battles depression, which is going to play heavily into her psyche when she shifts. i apologize for the unstable telepath now.

so please, make this day end on a high note with some lines! as i've said she's super besties with [info]craft, gunning for president of the [info]aquatrident fan club, she works at [info]rains's speakeasy, was formerly roommates and still friends with [info]unstoppable. i'm looking for all the x-men lines. friends ex's. anything you think she could fit, throw at me!

moodboard; small scientist [04 Oct 2018|07:04pm]


[03 Oct 2018|10:49am]


Hello, skylines! I bring you the offering of Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), in the au form of Olesya Maksimov. A young, bright-eyed child of the large nation of Gypsy inhabitants found in Boston. Though don’t let her doe-eyed glances mock you, she is very much a cunning manipulator in her own way (only when it comes to money, so no worries there). Raised in the confines of a large, overly populated family Olesya (or Oly), ran away from home at the age of fifteen. Due to some rather disturbing occurrence that happened due to living in such a situation. She spent two years of her life in a halfway home, created to help those struggling to make it in this world and in the end left. There she lived on the streets of New York, plying her trade of tarot cards and palm reading to the random passerby. Growing bored of the weird freedom, shitty weather and wanting a change she moved to DC. There she spent a few months until the one person who she didn’t want to find her… found her. After that she left, moving to San Francisco and found she loved the messy beautiful way the city operates. Now she works for an esoteric tarot card reader, hoping to one day open her own stop and she enjoys it. Oh, and she is the fraternal twin to [info]racer, though she hasn’t shared that news with him yet.

So, gimme everything you can possibly think of! She can fill any lines anyone wants/needs if they were in the same areas between 2014 and 2017. Other than that, here she is on a nice silver platter waiting to ever so patiently!

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